Home buying can be a challenging experience no matter where you live, and Arizona is no exception. There can be so much to do and so many East Valley houses to look at that you can feel like you’re never going to be able to pull house hunting off successfully. Never fear; we’ve compiled a list of ways that Arizona home buyers can be more successful. Read on to find out more!


1. Just Do It (Don’t Overthink It)

One of the best tips we can give you for the home buying process is not to go too crazy worrying, analyzing, and overthinking it. Getting work done and getting results will serve you better than spending all of your time on your anxiety. The best way to fight stress about the process is to just do it and get things done. Giving too much coddling and energy to your stress could result in a vicious cycle of increasing anxiety. It’s not necessary! Like Nike says, just do it.

2. Work With a Realtor You Like

Working with a realtor that you like as opposed to one you do not is going to make the whole home buying process a lot easier. There might be a few reasons why you’re not feeling the vibe of a realtor. At the end of the day you need to get a realtor who is going to be motivated to do their best work for you and that you like enough and trust enough to be a reliable guide.

Also be sure to work with your realtor or agent to carefully consider the terms of agreement before you sign anything. You want to be 100% sure that this house is the one you want and the terms are fair before agreeing to buy and the home is put into escrow. keep it in mind! Most people are ethical, but a bad realtor and a sleazy seller can be a horrific combination.

3. Take the Future into Account

It’s important for home buyers to think about what their future plans are before they buy a home. Do you already have children or are planning on children? Will you want to downsize to a smaller home ten or twenty years down the line, or will you need the extra room? Take your future into account. Couples who do not have or want children are going to have different home preferences than those who have or are planning on having children. It affects everything from geography and where you buy your home to what type of style or size you would like.

4. Be Smart

This of course is a confusing statement, but what we mean by this — be smart! Try to go about your home buying process as intelligently and successfully as possible. Don’t put in bids higher than you have to, don’t work with a shady realtor or real estate agent, don’t start buying homes when a family member is going through a medical crisis (you can, but it’s challenging, so you’ll know that going forward), and always, always, always read the fine print. Research the home buying process thoroughly and keep your common sense intact and you’ll likely do just fine.